Auto Express impressed with Fiat range

A whopping three Fiat models have been highly praised in the latest issue of weekly car magazine Auto Express.

Fiat 500X Crossover

Topping the list is the Fiat 500X crossover, which came first the magazine’s list of 120 brilliant new cars to watch out for in 2015, despite only having been revealed earlier this month.

Designed to appeal to a broader market, the 500X features the same cute styling as the 500 city car, but with larger dimensions and a raft of additions designed to boost its capability.

It also features five doors and an extended wheelbase, plus a large 350-litre boot and 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system, as well as an optional Beats by Dre stereo system.

Auto Express praised the 500X’s dimensions, as well as its extensive engine range of petrol and diesel power units, which can be linked to an all-new nine speed gearbox.

Fiat Panda Cross

The Italian manufacturer’s other off-roading model, the Panda Cross, is also featured in the issue and has been awarded a four-star verdict from the magazine’s reviewers.

Despite its chubby looks that are all-Panda, the Panda Cross has been designed as a genuine off-roader, capable of tackling city streets and tough terrain with equal ease.

With protective steel underbody shields to avoid damage to the undercarriage and a clever Torque-on-Demand system, Auto Express said that the Panda Cross “lives up to the promise of its looks and is utterly fantastic over challenging terrain”.

The magazine’s road tester also applauded the model’s comfortable ride, high driving position and light, responsive steering.

Separate magazine Autocar also praised the off-road Panda in its own review, noting that its off-road ability is where “the little Fiat really impresses”.

Autocar also commended its varied and capable engine range, which was picked up on by Perrys when we reviewed it back in July.

Fiat 500L

Finally, the third Fiat model to be listed in the latest Auto Express issue was the 500L, the long wheelbase estate version of the 500 city car.

Facing off against two other models in the highly-competitive triple test, Auto Express said that the family-oriented 500L was “way ahead of its rivals” in terms of practicality, with its large 400-litre boot.

Overall, the model received a four-star verdict from the magazine, with the road testers saying: “If you want a family hatchback that’s a little bit different, the 500L is worth a look. It’s easily the most versatile and spacious car here, plus it comes with just enough standard kit”.

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