Alfa Romeo 'Quadrifoglio Verde' marks 90th birthday

Alfa Romeo 'Quadrifoglio Verde' Marks 90th Birthday

The iconic cloverleaf badge which marks Alfa Romeo's sportiest cars, 'Quadrifoglio Verde', has been in use by the Italian marque since 1923. Thus this month the manufacturer is celebrating the 90 year birthday of the symbol which has accompanied many Alfa Romeo cars, including both classics and more modern offerings.

The first Alfa Romeo car to be adorned with the famous Cloverleaf badge was a 'P1' race car driven by Ugo Sivocci. With this vehicle Sivocci competed in and won the 14th edition of the challengine Targa Florio race back in 1923. The 'Quadrifoglio' became an emblem linked to Alfa Romeo as the brand achieved the first of its ten victories at the Targa Florio.

Alfa Romeo's success became so clear that the other drivers of the Alfa Romeo team at the time, including famous names like Enzo Ferrari, Antonio Ascari and Giulio Ramponi, decided to adopt the lucky 'Quadrifoglio Verde' for all other races as well.

Since then, all of Alfa Romeo's racing cars have been distinguished by this emblem and lucky charm, known throughout the world, the same which characterised certain standard production Alfa Romeos from the 1960s onwards.

In 1950 and 1951, Giuseppe "Nino" Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio drove the Alfa Romeo 158 and 159, referred to as the "Alfettas", to victory in the first two Formula 1 World Championships.

Alfa Romeo's racing activity carried on later in the 1980s: after it returned to F1 in 1980, the success was garnered in touring cars championships including the DTM, Germany's famous touring car championship. Here the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti won the 1993 title while further success was garnered in this category by the Alfa Romeo 156 Superturismo racer.

The 'Quadrifoglio Verde' is present today on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Alfa Romeo Mito, drawing on the heritage of dynamic performance, without compromising on efficiency, respect for the environment and convenience in everyday use.

A sports tradition that lives on in the brand-new Alfa Romeo MiTo SBK Limited Edition 1.4 170bhp QV, a concentrate of technology and design derived from the 'Quadrifoglio Verde' version and produced in a limited run of 200 examples.

In particular, the exclusive 235bhp Giulietta 1750 TBi Cloverleaf offers the most high-performance engine in the range and an authentic sports set-up which ensures segment-leading driving pleasure with surprisingly limited fuel consumption and emissions for this power rating.

The 170bhp Mito Cloverleaf 1.4 MultiAir Turbo also ensures immense performance, with a specific power value among the highest in the world and a sophisticated sport chassis.

With its exceptional weight/power ratio of 6.7kg/bhp, this has always been one of the key factors behind the success of Alfa Romeo cars on the road and the race track.

Because of their sporting credentials, the Cloverleaf versions of the Mito and Giulietta have played the role of Official Safety Car in the various seasons of the SBK Superbike World Championship. Alfa Romeo has been the top sponsor for this motorsport title since 2007.

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