Total Loss GAP Protection

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The Problem
How well protected are you against total loss?

If your vehicle has been written off or stolen, even if you have Fully comprehensive Insurance your Motor Insurer will hopefully pay the current market value - which is very likely to be less than you originally paid for your vehicle. So you may have a problem - the difference the Motor Insurer's pay out and the cost of funding a replacement vehicle. A gap that could leave you seriously out of pocket!

You might hope or think that it will never happen to you. But with a car stolen in the UK every two minutes and nearly half a million vehicles written-off annually, can you afford to take that risk?

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The Solution

Total Loss GAP protection insurance covers you for the difference between your Motor Insurer's pay out (or Glass's Guide value - whichever is the greater) and the Net Invoice Price you paid for your vehicle, up to a limit specified in your policy document.

For example, if your vehicle costing £17000 is written off after 12 months, the Motor Insurer may only pay out the current market value, which might only be £12000. This will leave a gap of £5000 - making it difficult for you to replace your vehicle with an equivalent model.

At the time when you already have all the problems of having no car, Total Loss GAP Protection takes away the worry about how you're going to find the extra money needed to buy your next vehicle.

Total Loss Gap Protection helps you buy a replacement vehicle similar to the one you've lost.

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The information above is only a summary of the cover available. Please ask one of our sales executives for full Policy Terms and Conditions.

Total Loss GAP Insurance is administered by:

Abraxas Insurance Administration Serices Ltd,
9 Blenheim Court, Beaufort Park, Almondsbury, Bristol
BS32 4NE.

Total Loss GAP Insurance is underwritten by:

Mapfre Asistencia Compania International de Seguros Y Reaseguros, Sociedad Anonima. Mapfre House, 2/3 Philpot Lane, London, EC3M 8AN. Registered in England no. FC021974. branch no. BR008042.

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