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easy to budget for car servicing

The Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan takes the stress out of car servicing and lets you manage your servicing costs the easy way. We'll tailor the plan to suit you, so you can spread the cost of servicing by paying through monthly instalments - just like you’d pay for your gas, electricity or car insurance. We'll give you a quote based on the number of years you want the Service Plan to cover, your service schedule and average mileage. You can take out a Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan at any time during the ownership of your car, and if you decide to change your car before the plan ends, you can transfer your balance onto a new plan for your new vehicle.

easy inflation proof monthly payments.

Spread the cost of your Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan with monthly inflation beating payments.There’s no chance of your servicing costs rising as they’re frozen from the time you take out the Service Plan.

easy with servicing by experts.

And of course with our Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan you can relax knowing that your car will be maintained and serviced by qualified manufacturer trained technicians. As you know, a complete manufacturer approved service history will not only keep your vehicle in peak condition, it will also add to its value when you come to change your car.

Relax, Perrys Easy Drive starts from as little as £12.50 per month

Important Information.

The Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan is not a finance agreement which means:

  • You are saving towards the fixed servicing costs of your vehicle.
  • Your savings plan is based on a 12 month cycle of payments.
  • If you have not accrued enough savings to cover the cost of your service any savings shortfall must be paid by you when the service takes place.
  • Any additional work outside the manufacturer’s service will be charged additionally but this will always be quoted to you and approved by you before any work is undertaken.
  • If you cancel your plan before the expiry date you will receive any accrued funds back, this may be subject to a small administration fee for early termination.
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  • Inflation Proof Payments

    You'll get your future servicing at a price fixed today.

  • £25 MOT Tests

    For the duration of the policy.

  • 10% Discount

    On all parts, accessories and fitting costs.

  • 10% Discount

    On labour charges of all mechanical repairs.

  • Free Wash

    With every service.

  • Free Tyre Puncture Repair

    Any time for the duration of the policy.

  • Reassurance

    Protects your vehicles warranty.

  • Free Safety Checks

    Any time for the duration of the policy.

  • No Obligation

    Plan can be cancelled at any time, if you change your mind or your vehicle.