Staff Development

The training department began in 1989 when we created a sales process called Perry Control. This continued unaltered until 1995 when it evolved into The Perry Way. After the management buyout in 2001, immediate focus was on the training department. It was time for it to evolve once again and move with the rest of the company. The sales process became the focus for major revision and was renamed 'Perrys Advance'. We added an After Sales Training Programme and a Management Development Programme

Perrys have turned words into actions, making training a priority.

The goal of the Advance Training Programme is Continuous Personal Development with the aim of giving sales staff the skills to perform a more senior role before considered for the position. In other words, a new starter to the company can see a clear progression process from trainee to General Manager.

Half a million pounds has been invested in a prestige Training Centre at Barnsley. This is now a registered ILM training venue and is equipped with the latest technology and facilities to house the extensive range of centralised Training programmes, including 'ILM' accredited Management Training Development programme.

On successful completion of Sales Training and After Sales Training Programmes, all high flying candidates have the option to move into our range of Management Development Programmes and/or our range of Soft Skills Training Programmes to help further their Personal Development.

Since 2003 we have provided the opportunity for every employee to receive the very best training and coaching not only to enhance their own career development, but to also change the public's perception of the motor industry. We have expanded our range of courses and also run courses at a second training facility based at our Aylesbury dealership.

For certain sections of training, we are utilising experienced professional trainers to add extra depth to our comprehensive programmes.

In tandem with the training department, we have two Group 'F+I' and Sales Specialists who provide on-site coaching and specialist/tailored training for individual staff.

Coinciding with the Barnsley development our dedicated IT specialist has constructed a data base showing all sales personnel, their position, and time with the company, their experience, what training they have received and when. The database is accessible via the Perrys Intranet allowing staff to keep track of their own training.

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