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Fiat 500 review

April 25, 2014 by Perrys Content Team in Reviews

The original 500 was a success thanks to being everything the buyer wanted but it also had a cool design making it stand out from the crowd.

The Fiat 500 had a second coming in 2008 and was lauded by the public for staying true to the original and remaining one of the coolest cars on the road.


The 500 echoes the original car so well that this model has driven Fiat’s sales in recent years. Younger buyers are enticed by numerous ways to personalise the car while the advertising is second to none. Fiat came out with seasonal collections the same way the fashion industry does and this has worked a treat.

Harking the styling back to the 1950’s may not have been easy but to our eye it certainly looks the part. The instant appeal is there, the little city car is quirky but has grown since the days of the original meaning it’s much more spacious.

Optional extras to set your 500 apart include sets of alloy wheels to bold stripes for the bodywork, while the maker also introduced a Colour Therapy line in mid-2012. This echoes the 500’s heritage as it features 1970s colour shades and trim variations.

The Fiat 500 received a mild facelift for 2014 – with the emphasis on the mild – well you wouldn’t want to drastically change such a successful car. The refresh included interior fabric upgrades, a new digital display behind the steering wheel while a 0.9 litre TwinAir petrol engine also joined the range.


Packed with kit. The little Fiat 500 starts off with the Pop model. Highlights include power steering with the City button offering more assistance to make it even lighter (best used when parking in town). Other standard features include remote central locking, electric windows and mirrors, a CD stereo with MP3 connection and a one-piece folding rear seat, 14-inch steel wheels with plastic covers.

Move up to Lounge and this adds alloys, air-con, Bluetooth connection and a fixed glass roof. The newest trim on the line-up is called Colour Therapy and is a throwback to 1970s style.

The ‘S’ derivatives are aimed at the racier fraternity with 15-inch alloy wheels, different bumpers, a roof spoiler, tinted windows and an Abarth design steering wheel with audio controls.

On the road

Driving dynamics on the 500 are really good, it is fun, is agile and nippy even when driving the three-cylinder TwinAir unit. B-roads are good wholesome fun with the 500 while motorways miles can be negotiated with great ease as the little car is comfy and simple to drive.

On the twisty stuff, the 500 has lots of front-end grip while thanks to being small in stature there is a minimal amount of bodyroll. In towns and city centres where this car will be driven the most, well it’s easy to park making like a cinch.


It may be a new take on the original, however the little Fiat 500 is a quality product. This car should be on your list – it’s a must on anyone’s bucket list to have owned at some point in your life.

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