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Renault makes major gains in customer satisfaction survey
24 Apr 2014
image for 'Renault makes major gains in customer satisfaction survey'
Renault has made impressive improvements in this year’s Auto Express Driver Power survey, the UK’s biggest survey covering motorists and...
New Renault Twingo inspires writing competition
10 Apr 2014
image for 'New Renault Twingo inspires writing competition'
To mark the upcoming launch of its new Twingo, Renault is encouraging digital writers to enter a contest coming up...
Renault ZOE dominates Monte-Carlo eco rally
25 Mar 2014
image for 'Renault ZOE dominates Monte-Carlo eco rally'
The all-electric Renault ZOE has taken part and taken outright victory in the Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN (Zero Emission, No Noise).
Renault makes encouraging start to 2014
06 Mar 2014
image for 'Renault makes encouraging start to 2014'
French car manufacturer Renault is celebrating an improvement in both its UK monthly sales and market share figures after June...
New Renault Twingo makes public bow
04 Mar 2014
image for 'New Renault Twingo makes public bow'
The next-generation Renault Twingo city car has been publically unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with further details on...

About Renault

Renault was founded in 1989 by Louis Renault and is based in France; Renault is a leading auto maker who over the years has produced everything from tractors, buses, taxis, cars and even aeroplane engines.

Renault is known primarily as a car manufacturer but also make reliable vehicles. In 1999 Renault purchased a share in Nissan becoming the world’s fourth largest automaker.

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