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Ford Grand C-Max - sliding doors

Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 10


Motoring Journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, has been updating us about the Ford Grand C-Max for the last few months. Here are his latest musings about what it’s like to live with.

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overhaul of driver eyesight regulations

Let’s Be Clear About Our Eyesight When Driving


It’s a no-brainer that better regulation of eyesight tests for motorists would reduce road accidents and make our roads safer.

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Buying that new car

Guide To Driving Your Brand New Car


Purchasing a brand new vehicle is something many of us fantasise about. Although ‘running-in’ an engine is not as vital these days as it used to be, there are still several things to take into consideration as you drive your gleaming new showpiece out of the showroom.

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What Do The New Laws On Child Seats Mean?


As of this month (March 2017) changes to the laws on children’s car seats were implemented. In our guide, we explain what these changes mean.

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36387097 - businessman having coffee and doughnut on the phone in his car

Ditch Eating And Drinking While Driving


Perrys is advising motorists to kick eating and drinking behind the wheel to the kerb.

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Grand C-Max - kiddie carrier

Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 9


Over the last few weeks, motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, has been testing the Ford Grand C-Max. Here’s his latest piece about what the car is like to live with.

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Kids in car

Our Guide To Driving With Young Kids


The school run isn’t the most relaxed of experiences. And longer journeys with kids can be even worse. Our motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, should know – he’s a dad of three. Here’s his advice on driving with young children.

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Fuel economy

Check Out Our Fuel Saving Driving Tips


We have put together a series of simple-to-follow tips that will save you fuel as well as lower your risk on the road.

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phone call in the car

Phone And Risk Your Licence From Today


Motorists found using handheld mobile phones at the wheel will from today, 1 March, get six penalty points and a £200 fine.

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phone call in the car

Phone And Drive… Then Maybe Lose Your Licence


Perrys is reminding motorists that you will get six points and a £200 fine if you’re seen using your mobile phone at the wheel from 1 March.

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Tim with Nissan LEAF - Italy

Buyer’s Guide To Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles


Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV’s) are becoming a more popular sight on the UK’s roads, so here are some reasons why you might want to make a ULEV your next car.

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Grand C-Max - boot

Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 8


Motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, has been driving the Ford Grand C-Max for two months now. This week, he highlights the real-world practicality of the car.

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Guide To Passing Your MOT


Did you know that a bit of basic car maintenance can keep you safe and stop your car failing its MOT?

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Service, I say service

Get Your Car Serviced – It’s Important!


Those of us who ensure the car we drive is fit for purpose are helping to keep our roads safe. This is why it’s fundamental for everyone to maintain their vehicle and ensure it is serviced and MoT’d on time. In this week’s buyer’s guide, we’ve come up with some basic tips to keep you on your toes:

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Ford Grand C-Max

MPV, SUV, CUV – What Does It All Mean?


Looking for a seven-seater car can be puzzling enough without having to decipher motoring acronyms such as MPV, SUV and CUV. So, what does it all mean? Motoring Journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, explains.

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young driver road rage

Guide To Avoiding Road Rage


Today, our guide looks at road rage – and how to avoid conflicts on car journeys.

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Fuel station

A Guide To Saving Fuel


Saving cash will be on the agenda for many motorists this year, but we often disregard the expenses that stem from our car. So, this week, we’ve put together a guide to help you save fuel.

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VED Social Media

What Do The New VED Changes Mean For You?


Every new year brings changes, and in 2017 we see the new rules for VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) kick in. But what does this mean for you?

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