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Guide To Driving In Snow


With snow falling over much of Britain today, we thought we’d give you some basic advice about driving in the white stuff.

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Company Car Conundrum

The Company Car Conundrum


Should you go for a company car, or take the cash instead? This is an uncertainty many soon-to-be company car users face, so our straightforward guide sets out the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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Snowy Car

Prepare For Snowy Weather Next Week


We are in for one of the coldest starts to a year ever, with snowy weather likely to kick in next week.

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Car Depreciation Explained


When it’s time to buy a new car, you need to consider depreciation. But, what is it and how does depreciation affect you?

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Dacia Sandero

Top Best Buy First Cars That Will Hold Value


New research has identified the top best first cars that will not only hold their valuation, but are the cheapest to run, making them ideal for new drivers.

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Car crime

A Guide To Foiling Car Crooks


Perrys is advising drivers to be mindful about car crooks at this time of the year.

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Drive safely this Christmas

Drive Safely This Christmas


With Christmas around the corner, it won’t be long until icy blasts are once again upon us. That’s why we’ve come up with some straightforward driving advice to keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads.

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Sun Dazzle

Here Comes The Sun…


Dark winter days can be depressing, so a bit of uplifting winter sun is always good – apart from when it dazzles drivers.

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Car lights

Be Noticeable – Turn Your Lights On!


Perrys is encouraging motorists to ensure they are as noticeable as possible, by turning their lights on!

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Kids in car - parents drive more safely

Drive Like Mum Or Dad To Keep Safe


Perrys is encouraging motorists to ‘drive like a mum or dad’ when they get behind the wheel of car.

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Winter Driving

Drive Carefully With These Blustery Weather Busting Tips


If you didn’t know, we are in the middle of Road Safety Week. So, especially now that blustery weather and icy blasts have kicked in, we thought we’d remind you to keep as safe as possible with these driving tips.

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Storm Angus - Driving Tips

Storm Angus Is Here, So Check Out Our Flood Driving Tips


This week, Britain is in the grip of Storm Angus, with 84mph gusts hitting the coast and some counties facing lashing rain and flooding. As drivers continue to face complications on roads across the UK, Perrys has the following advice for motoring in water-logged conditions:

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Winter RS

Two Or Four-Wheel-Drive – Which Is Best?


If you’re thinking of giving yourself a treat, in the form of a new car, or the family needs one, should yougo for four-wheel-drive, or stick with two-wheel-drive? At this time of year four-wheel-drive makes sense, but there are pros and cons to consider.

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High miles and warranties

Do You Clock Up A High Mileage? Then Check This Out!


A car’s ability to handle high mileage, and the length of warranty it has, is a pretty big deal when considering a new vehicle.

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Avoid Winter Worries

Look After Your Vehicle To Avoid Winter Woes


Perrys is offering some simple guidelines for drivers to ensure worry-free journeys this winter. Giving some consideration now to antifreeze levels, batteries, tyres, lights and wipers, is the best way of safeguarding reliability in the wintry weeks to come!

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Car Crime

Prevent Car Crime This Winter


What with the clocks changing last Sunday you need to be even more on your guard when it comes to car crime.

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Halloween - witches

Watch Out For Little Witches And Wizards Tonight!


Ghouls and goblins, phantoms galore – drive safely or wicked witches will be at your front door!

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Used car engine checks

Straightforward Car Maintenance Checklist


According to the RAC’s 2016 Report on Motoring, car maintenance is the second biggest concern for motorists, so we’ve come up with six straightforward maintenance checks for you.

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