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How to find your tyre size

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Tyres. We know it's not exciting - but it doesn't mean it needs to be complicated! It's really simple to get a quote with Perrys or if you're not quite sure what you need, just ask us a few questions.

Oh, and did we mention? We'll match any 'like-for-like' price for tyres.

About Perrys

We are the award winning national dealership group, Perrys Motor Sales Limited. We represent some of the United Kingdom’s most popular car and van brands across more than 50 dealerships nationwide.

Established in 1908 selling motor accessories in Finchley, we now employ more than 1900 people with an annual turnover in excess of £700 million.

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Why use Perrys Tyre Services?

  • Tyres for all Makes and Models
  • Tyres fitted within 30 minutes
  • Free Tyre Check*
  • Tea and Coffee while you wait
  • Free WIFI

We supply and fit all makes of tyre...

So if you have requirement for a particular brand of tyre - let us know.

Here are just some of the brands we provide:

Accelera, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Falken, Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Kenda, Kumho, Lassa, Matador, Maxxis, Michelin, Nankang, Nexen, Pirelli, Potenza, Prestivo, Primewell, Uniroyal, Wanli, Westlake, Wrangler and Yohokama.

No appointment necessary, but it's nice if we're prepared for you...

Whilst we stock most of the major brands of tyre, you might prefer to call ahead to ensure your size is available.

Appointments available 6 days a week!

We will also perform a free health check to ensure your car is running as safely as possible.

We're not as fast as a formula one team - but we do fit your tyres quick!

We aim to have you in and out within 30 minutes, which gives you just enough time to take advantage of our complimentary services, such as; free WIFI and free tea & coffee.

How can I tell when my tyres need changing?

A clear sign is when you notice a decline in your car’s performance. If it takes a longer time to stop after pressing on the brakes, or your car does not handle the road as well as it normally does, then this could be due to worn tyres. There are many other reasons, such as emergency braking, over-inflation and under-inflation.

The deterioration of your tyres is a gradual process, so it’s best to have your tyres regularly checked - preferably by an expert technician.

Are your tyres legal?

To make it as easy as possible to stay safe on the roads, tyre manufacturers mould tread wear indicators (T.W.Is) into the tyre’s tread pattern, meeting the 1.6mm tread limit. When your tyres have worn away so much that the TWI is exposed, they have now reached the legal level and you should replace the tyre as soon as possible.

VIDEO: How to check your tyres

Still not sure? Just ask!

How to find your tyre sizes

What's the difference?

Winter tyres contain more natural rubber than summer tyres

Often referred to as cold weather tyres, winter tyres help you stay safe in cold conditions, to help reduce stopping time and maintain flexibility.

This also stops them from hardening when cold and ensure that even at low temperatures, so you keep excellent grip on snow and ice.

Free tyre safety check

All of our dealerships nationwide offer a free tyre safety test. We will check that your tyres are not below 3mm legal limit, not damaged, showing signs of ageing, wearing abnormally and we ensure that the tyres fitted are suitable for your vehicle.

Every tyre check comes with:

  • Tyre condition check
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Tyre depth check
  • Tyre wear check

How long does it take?

Our free tyre check takes around 30 minutes and you can wait while the check is being carried out. No appointment is necessary but booking an appointment at busy times can benefit you.

Did you know?

If your tyres are below the legal limit for tyres you could receive a 3 point fine on your licence and a £2500 fine per tyre according to a recent blog from the AA: AA Legal Tyre Depth Information.